Status Provac 360 Extra Information


  • 400 watts.
  • 36 cm wide vacuum and sealing area.
  • Double seals, each seal 3 mm wide.
  • Double pump, 30L per min, full vacuum 90Kpa.
  • Auto heat adjustment.
  • Canister port.
  • Marinating cycle.
  • Auto and manual operation.
  • Easy to use control panel.

How to use the control panel

Status provac 360 control panel

  • Gauge - Gives you the pressure that the machine is at in -mbar. Full vacuum is around -900 mbar
  • Auto - The auto function will allow it to go to maximum vacuum and then switch itself over to seal. first press the auto button then push firmly on each end of the lid to start the vacuum process. You can cancel it at any stage by pushing the cancel button.
  • Cancel - Push to cancel any of the operations.
  • Manual - Push the manual button then put your bag in the machine and lock the lid down. You then operate the machine with the pulse button. Great for soft foods or liquids. Also use this for making a bag.
  • Liquid Trap - Light comes on when excessive liquid has entered the machine. The machine will shut down. The liquid trap must be removed, cleaned and dried before continuing. Disconnect the machine from the power to re-set the liquid trap light.
  • Pulse Vac- Fantastic mode when vacuuming soft food or liquids. Use in manual mode, then use the lid lock. Press the pulse button and it will vacuum, release the pulse button and it stops. when you have the correct vacuum press the seal button to seal the bag.
  • Seal - Operates the seal function only. This operation is done in manual mode. Put the film over the seal bar only, then lock the lid down. Push the seal button to seal and complete the cycle. You can just push down firmly on the lid rather than locking if you wish. Used to make a bag from a continuous roll.
  • Marinate - Used with the marinator hose and the 2L marinator canister (sold separately). It will do a 20 minute cycle and take it to full vacuum and release it several times. Fully marinate your favorite cut in just 20 minutes
  • Container - Use this function with the canister hose onto canisters, universal vacuum lids, or the vacuum jug. Pump will stop once it has reached the correct vacuum.

User manual

CLICK HERE To Download Status Provac 360 commercial food vacuum sealer PDF user Manual

What's in the box

  • 1 x Status Provac 360 commercial food vacuum sealer.
  • 1 x power cord.
  • 1 x spare foam upper seal.
  • 1 x roll film cutter.
  • 1 x Food vacuum canister hose.
  • 1 x user manual.
  • 1 x 35 cm x 8 m food vacuum sealer roll.
  • 30 x 25 cm x 35 cm pre-made food vacuum sealer bags.

Dimensions and weight

Status Provc 360 Only

Weight 8.5KG, L 51 cm, x D 29 cm, x H 13 cm.

Status Provac 360 in the box

Weight 11Kg, L 58 cm, x D 40 cm, x L 26 cm.


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