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It’s no secret that Food Vacuum Sealers Australia, food vacuum sealers have revolutionised your kitchen. What’s far less known is the versatility of the machine. Here are 5 unexpected uses for your vacuum sealer to help you through wet, tedious or messy activities!

Kids’ Crafts

There’s no denying how messy kids can be – especially when it comes to crafts. Vacuum seal up pencils, crayons, cut paper, glitter, play dough, confetti, paints and lose pieces to ensure not only a clean environment, but an easily tracked one as well. The kids will love you for saving their favourite marker from being dried out. It’s a great tool to extend the shelf life of craft materials while keeping them safe as well. Soon your vacuum sealer will be own favourite craft machine!

Bonus Tip: Safeguard their creations for years to come by vacuum sealing up their creative masterpieces.

Water Sports

Whether you’re water skiing in the ocean or kayaking through a lake, you’ll need to bring some safety essentials. However, most of us opt not to bring any possessions along as they run a high risk of getting wet. Your standard plastic bags and waterproof containers can help prevent some moisture exposure. However, vacuum sealing your goods more effectively ensures against water permeating the packaging and ruining your goods.

Bonus Tip: You can even vacuum seal your smartphone so you can still text or call while on the water. Just be sure not to drop it…


Camping has never been easier to prepare for thanks to your vacuum sealer. Make nutritious snacks such as dried fruits and scroggin/trail mix as well as scrumptious home cooked meals, vacuum sealed from the week before. It’s also great for protecting your essentials from being destroyed by the natural elements. You can seal your navigator, compass, map or first-aid kit to ensure you have all your supplies clean and in one accessible location.

Bonus Tip: Vacuum seal your clothes so you can make use of all the room in your pack. If you want to be extra organised, seal up day by day outfits to avoid under or over packing and to keep them clean.

Home Renovations

Your vacuum sealer can become your new best friend when completing home renovations. It will take the struggle out of keeping track of cords, building supplies or whatever spare parts you need. You can sort, seal and label your goods to ensure you stay extra organised during your home improvements.

Bonus Tip: Vacuum seal your paint brush if you’re painting over the course of several days. By keeping the oxygen out, the brush will be prevented from drying or clumping.


Moving house or even rooms is hectic enough without the extra stress of losing items along the way. One item you’ll be sure not to misplace will be your vacuum sealer – because you’re always have it on hand. You can seal up basically anything from important documents to home décor. Not only does it make unpacking easy, it utilises all the much needed box space.

Bonus Tip: By sealing up your goods you’ll not only protect them from exposure to the natural elements, it will stop your items taking on the smell of the boxes. Books that no longer smell like bananas – what a luxury.

Whether you’re adventuring outdoors or enhancing your environment indoors, your food vacuum sealer will help make any activity a breeze. By taking the stress out of these activities, you can focus on what’s really important in that moment. Whether it be your son’s first time standing up water skiing or a remarkable piece of art your daughter created. With Food Vacuum Sealers Australia, you’re time management will be as well organised as your pantry!

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