replacement seal kit

Replacement of vacuum sealer seal kit

Replacement of vacuum sealer seal kit

Over time the rubber or foam seals in your food vacuum sealer will wear out or stretch. When this happens the food vacuum sealer will fail to reach full vacuum and switch to seal which can be very frustrating. It is a very simple fix as you simply replace the 2 seals (top and bottom) with a new compatible seal kit.

So, when you purchase a new food vacuum sealer be very sure that these parts are available for purchase in the future to keep your food vacuum sealer working efficiently.

Identifying worn out seals

If your vacuum sealer stops achieving full vacuum then look at the foam seals and if there are any pieces missing or there is liquid gone hard on the seals, which is evident by hard spots or discoloring, then they will need replacing. You can try turning them over and that may work for a short period and you can try soaking them in warm water to soften the liquid and remove it. You will need to still replace these seals. If they are rubber seals then try cleaning them but they will stretch over time with excessive heat and also need replacing.

Removing foam seal kits

For foam seals simply pinch the seal between 2 fingers and pull it out of the grove. If it has been glued in, you will need to clean any left behind glue out of the groove. For rubber seals it is best to roll your finger over the seal and that should move it up far enough so you can grab the seal and pull it out of the groove. If you use a point of a knife, be very careful not to damage the groove or the old seal as it may only need cleaning if it is not damaged.

Replacement of vacuum sealer seal kit

First ensure that the grove or channel that the seal sits in is undamaged and 100% clean. For foam seals you need to place the foam seal into the channel but don’t push them all the way home. Once they are in then close the lid and activate the vacuum and the pressure of the lid will push the foam seal into place exactly where it needs to be. If one seal is rubber then push it into the grove and follow the process above for the other foam seal.


Your food vacuum seals should be replaced periodically to keep your vacuum sealing machine working at peak performance. As a rough guide if you are vacuum sealing once a week you should probably replace them every 12 – 18 months and if you are vacuum sealing every day then they should be replaced every 3 – 4 months.


  • When putting your vacuum sealer away or storing it close the lid but DO NOT lock it down as this will compress the foam seals.
  • Avoid getting any liquid into the seal area as your bag will struggle to seal and if it goes further it will get onto the foam seals and stop them from doing their job.
  • Turning the foam seals over may get your vacuum sealer working again.
  • Soaking foam seals in warm water may remove any hardened liquid.
  • To test a food vacuum sealer run it on auto without a bag in it. If it reaches full vacuum, switches over to seal, then shuts down, then it has completed a cycle and there is nothing wrong with the vacuum sealer or the seals. You then need to look at the process or the bags.

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