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Lava Vacuum Sealer

The Lava vacuum sealer. Quality that you buy once.

The Lava vacuum sealer has become the rolls Royce of vacuum sealers. Manufactured in Germany by the Landig Group since the early 1980’s. Lava is a family-owned business starting in a small factory on the banks of Lake Constance and now located in the Swabian town of Bad Saulgau. They developed a brand of vacuum sealer that is still in production today. Lava vacuum sealers have not only been developed for the household but also the small business and hunting and fishing trade and industry in mind, and this is why Lava vacuum sealers are so suited to Australia.

The lava vacuum sealer division of the Landig Group has now grown to be recognized world wide in over 40 countries. Now with 11 different models that have been sold to over 350,000 customers worldwide. Figures are true as of 2023 and growing. So why not join hundreds of thousands of others that have bought a Lava vacuum sealer. Quality that you only buy once.

All the models of vacuum sealers have a strong transformer at a minimum of 500w or more that performs double and triple seals. The high-performance turbo piston pumps have double ball bearings and pump at least 35 liters to the minute. Lava vacuum sealers will go to a minimum of -0.94mbar which is classed as a full vacuum. The Lava V.350 vacuum sealer and above are in cased in a stainless-steel body and lava vacuum sealer models below this are in cased in a strong ABS body.

All Lava vacuum sealers are backed by a 2-year warranty by food vacuum sealers Australia and spare parts are available for all models including the foam seal kits and Teflon heat strips. If needed, all lava vacuum sealer models can be serviced and repaired with in Australia by either food vacuum sealers Australia or the Lava vacuum sealer Australian representative.

Lava vacuum sealers were introduced in to Australia in 2018 by an Australian based Lava vacuum sealer rep who is based in Perth, WA, Australia. Food vacuum sealers Australia is based in Bulahdelah, NSW so we have you covered on both sides of the country.

Explaining the different models of lava vacuum sealer.

We start with the Lava V.100 premium X, Lava V.200 premium X and the V.300 premium X. All of these models are the same inside but have different operation levels on the control panel. They also are the new look to the old lava V.100 premium, lava V.200 premium, lava V.300 premium, so compared to the old model they have an updated pump and the instructions on the control panel are now symbols instead of German words.

When first starting all of these models you set the switch on bags, close the lid and give a push to the center of the lid to start the vacuuming

The Lava V.100 premium X is a manual vacuum sealer where you need to push the seal button once it has reached full vacuum and then push the red knob in the middle to release the vacuum and open the vacuum sealer. So, you need to stand in front of the machine for the process of vacuum sealing a bag. The pressure indicator is a colored bar.

The Lava V.200 premium X is a semi auto vacuum sealer where the seal will start automatically when the vacuum sealer has reached full vacuum but you will need to push the red knob in the middle of the vacuum sealer to release pressure and open the lid. You can walk away from this vacuum sealer while vacuum sealing. The pressure indicator is by LED Lights, red, orange and green.

The Lava V.300 premium X is a fully automatic vacuum sealer where it will start the sealing process when it reaches full vacuum and release the vacuum and the lid open automatically once it has finished the sealing process. The pressure gauge display is a precise vacuum level and it comes standard with a pressure control valve for soft foods.

The Lava V.300 White is the same as the Lava V.300 Black except for the color obviously.  They have all the features of the lava V.300 premium X. In addition, the Lava V.300 Black and White have an upgraded transformer to 600w and will go to a pressure of -0.96mbar.

The Lava V.333 Black and the Lava V.333 Silver is essentially the same as the Lava V.300 premium X except it is in a more stylish body, it has a triple seal and a higher wattage at 800w

The Lava V.350 Premium is the start of Lava’s commercial vacuum sealer range and include the Lava V.400 Premium, Lava V.500 Premium and the Lava V.1200 Premium. The Lave V.350 Premium is basically the same as a Lava V.300 except for the follow statistics which also makes it bigger and heavier. They all come in a stainless-steel body and have a triple seal. They are also different widths with the Lava V.350 being 36 cm wide and 900w.

The Lava V.400 Premium Is the same as the Lava V.350 Premium except it is 46 cm wide and 1100w

The Lava V.500 Premium is the same as the Lava V.400 Premium except it is 72 cm wide and 1800w. It has 3 pumps each pulling 20 liters to the minute and will go to -0.97mbar

The Lava V.1200 Premium is the same as the Lava V.400 Premium except it is 121 cm wide and 2600w. It has 3 pumps each pulling 35 litres to the minute and will go to 0.97mbar. The Lava V.1200 Premium is the only model we do not stock in Australia but it can be sourced in from Germany if needed.

So, there is a brief run down on the 11 models which start at the high quality home food vacuum sealers right up to the full commercial food vacuum sealers. If you’re after an external bag vacuum sealer that is designed to last a life time then you have found that in the Lava vacuum sealer range. Buy quality, buy once.

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