Vacuum sealers v’s other storage in a nut shell. Imagine this scenario, coming home from a hard days work to find your partner in a worse mood than you. Dirty dishes dominate your sight with leftover food crusted onto the plates. All you want to do is kick off your shoes and sit on the couch with a glass of Pinot. Then it hits you. What are you supposed to do for dinner!

Why I choose vacuum sealing over any other method, every time.

The rest of this scenario differs greatly depending on the use of one simple machine. Food Vacuum Sealers Australia Food Vacuum Sealing system. Either you can clean the kitchen, do the dishes and cook a time consuming meal from scratch. Or, you could simply get out some more of the delicious casserole, slow roasted pork or Spanish risotto you made earlier.

Food vacuum sealing truly is the way of the future. It gives you the freedom to create in bulk, and save in bulk. But don’t just take our word for it, we put the food vacuum sealer to the test against other storage methods, and here are the results.

Other Storage Methods


People from as early as ancient civilisations have been drying out food in order to it. It has obviously advanced from just leaving them out in the sun to using ovens to efficiently remove moisture from foods. However, it is still a practice commonly used as the lack of moisture is precisely means the ingredients are no longer susceptible to bacteria growth in wet environments.

While this may be ideal for preserving herbs, spices, and even certain fruits and vegetables, it’s far from an all-inclusive method. You can’t exactly leave your steak out in the sun so it’s still good to eat the following week….


The benefits of salting was discovered in the 1700s and consistently used to preserve food for years. Similar to drying, salting food removed the moisture thus preventing bacteria from entering and thriving. While this method can keep meats preserved for several years when done properly, it is hard to get the perfect balance.

Western diets nowadays have an increased salt intake that we know can have negative consequences on health. High salt consumption has been linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and even stomach cancer, so it seems that we have enough salt in our diets without using it as a preservation method as well. Not to mention the effects it has on our tastebuds as well!


Freezing food is the conventional storage method of today. While it can prolong the life of food, the exposure to air in the freezer means it will develop freezer burn almost immediately. Because it loses so much water, it requires you to reconstitute water when reheating. Inevitably, this requires re-seasoning and often leads to overcooking the meal. While the freezer was revolutionary for its time, vacuum sealing is the way of the future.

Vacuum sealing allows you to be more ambitious. Not just as a cook, but as a person as well. By allowing a more consistent standard of living, you can buy in bulk, cook in bulk, and save in bulk. The creation of an anaerobic environment means there’s no air to absorb the moisture from the food. Therefore, foods won’t dry out and will stay tastier for longer.

We’ve given you the results. Now it’s time to experience it for yourself! Check out Food Vacuum Sealers Australia food vacuum sealing systems and share your results.

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