Food vacuum sealer starter packs

Advantages of buying a vacuum sealer starter pack

Advantages of buying a vacuum sealer starter pack.

Food vacuum sealer and bags.

When buying a food vacuum sealer for the first time it can be very daunting with all the different companies and all the different models of food vacuum sealers available on the market today. If that’s not enough then you need to try and decide what size vacuum sealer bags you will need. O my god how frustrating it must be for most of you.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the company that you buy from.

No. 1 on the list is find out if they stock parts for their vacuum sealers, like foam seal kits and heat strips. If they don’t then give them a miss. You can guarantee that you will be looking for new foam seals before the vacuum sealer is worn out.

No. 2. Make sure they sell a reasonable range of food vacuum sealers and offer a good range of vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer roll sizes. Preferably they should have a couple of starter packs including a few hundred bags or a few rolls with the food vacuum sealer. Remember pre-made food vacuum bags are so much easier than food vacuum sealer rolls. If they don’t have a vacuum sealer starter pack then make sure you can talk to someone and get some advice on what sizes you may need.

Secondly let’s take a look at the Food vacuum sealer.

Assuming that you are just starting out, you just need a domestic food vacuum sealer. Make sure it has the basic functions like manual and auto operation, seal only, liquid trap, heat adjustment and a pulse function are pretty handy once you know what you are doing. In my opinion any food vacuum sealer that is under $100 is not worth buying and is a waist of money. They will be a very low wattage (under 100w) and pull a very light vacuum (about -0.50mbar). You want something at least 120w and a vacuum of at least -0.75 mbar. Most food vacuum sealer between $100 - $200 don’t really make the grade either and you will find to get a half descent food vacuum sealer you will need to spend around the $200 - $400 mark. So, with that sorted out you now need bags.

Thirdly let’s look at the food vacuum bags and rolls.

So as for food vacuum bags and rolls if you have read some of my other posts you will know that I try and push people into pre made vacuum sealer bags. The reason is because it makes the vacuum sealing job so much quicker and easier and you have so much less trouble than trying to make your own vacuum sealer bags. So, if you’re just starting out let’s use pre made food vacuum sealer bags. Food vacuum sealer rolls are good if you want to make a custom sized bag that is longer but unfortunately most people try to make the food vacuum bags shorter than the pre made vacuum bags and this is where thy run into all sorts of trouble. Also, there is now price difference or very little between vacuum sealer rolls and premade vacuum bags by the meter.

What size vacuum sealer bag you are going to need is very difficult also, because everyone’s requirements are different. What is very clear though is you are going to need at least 2 different sizes. So, the 2 most commonly bought sizes of both vacuum sealer rolls and pre made vacuum sealer bags are the 20cm wide and the 28cm wide. This is also where the vacuum sealer starter packs are so great. You will usually find they are a mixture of vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer rolls. You will also find that the vacuum sealer starter packs have about 4 different widths included. So, by the time you are running low and need more you will have a fair indication on the sizes that you mostly use. If there is a size that you are not using much then don’t worry as they will be ok in storage for years and always be there just in case.

Summary of food vacuum sealer starter packs.

So, buying a food vacuum sealer starter pack is probably one of the best ways to get started with your vacuum sealing. You will receive a good quality domestic vacuum sealer and a good variety of food vacuum sealer bags to go with it and all the decision making taken out of it. Once you have used most of the bags or most of 1 or 2 sizes it will be a very easy decision on what sizes of food vacuum sealer pre made bags to buy next as a top up.

What Food vacuum sealers Australia have on offer.

At the time of writing this blog we have 3 food vacuum sealer starter packs on offer and we are considering adding a 4th due to their popularity.

The learner’s starter pack HV100 vacuum sealer and bags

Consists of the Status HV100 vacuum sealer and 200 bags in 3 sizes. The Status HV100 is a very popular domestic model and has all the basic features that would be required for home vacuum sealing. It vacuums to about -0.75mbar so quit a good vacuum for a domestic vacuum sealer. The 200 bags are 15cm, 20cm and 28cm wide with 100 of them are 20cm which is by far the most sold size on our web site. 50 of them are the 28cm which is the maximum width the vacuum sealer will take. The other 50 are 15cm wide for any small items or single serves. This vacuum sealer starter pack would be ideal for anyone just starting out or upgrading from a small cheaper vacuum sealer.

The beginner’s starter pack K1 vacuum sealer and bags

Has the Preservac PXR K1 vacuum sealer, 150 bags and 4 x 5m rolls. Also, a domestic classed vacuum sealer the Preservac PXR K1 is ideal for any home vacuum sealing application. It has all the features required for home vacuum sealing and vacuums down to -0.80mbar. Because the Preservac vacuum sealers all have a built-in roll film holder and cutter we have added 2 sizes of rolls to this pack. There are 2 rolls 20cm wide and 2 rolls 28cm wide, if using rolls be sure not to cut the bag to short. An easy way to remember is that the bag should be longer than it is wide. The beginner’s starter pack also comes with 150 pre made vacuum sealer bags in 3 different sizes. 15 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm so by the time you get through these you will know what suits you best, vacuum sealer rolls or vacuum sealer pre made bags and what size you use the most.

The intermediate starter pack P2 vacuum sealer and bags

Is designed for someone that wants to get up into a more professional food vacuum sealer. With the Preservac PXR P2 it has double pumps and double seals it pulls a vacuum of -0.90mbar. This machine is designed for a bit more work than a domestic model but is not out of reach on price. It is not a commercial food vacuum sealer but definitely a step up from a domestic food vacuum sealer. The intermediate starter pack is also packed with lots of vacuum sealer rolls and vacuum sealer pre made bags. Having a roll film holder and cutter it has 7, 20 cm vacuum sealer rolls including the one inside the machine and a massive 300 pre made vacuum sealer bags in 4 different sizes, 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, and 30 cm pre made vacuum sealer bags. So, for the serious vacuum sealer if you’re upgrading for an up coming big vacuum sealing job then this is the pack for you. You will have every variation covered with the assortment of sizes and the addition of plenty of 20 cm vacuum sealer rolls. So far, the intermediate starter pack has been our best seller.

What are you waiting for grab a vacuum sealer starter pack that will suit your needs now!!

All the extra pre made vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer rolls have been heavily discounted to affordable prices.


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