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Store food for up to Three times longer than conventional storage solutions with Food Vacuum Canisters!

Why use food vacuum canisters? Read my post on why you should vacuum seal.

  • Vacuum sealing foods that you use most frequently, such as flour, sugar, cereals, pasta, bread or crackers are ideally suited for vacuum sealing in canisters. Canisters will allow you to get in and out of the canister with minimal effort. They are very easy to vacuum again with the hand pump.
  • Salads, herbs from your garden and vegetables stay fresh and crisp. Fresh vegetables and herbs will keep so much more nutrition for longer if vacuum sealed in a canister
  • Cook meals in much larger quantities and keep portions fresher for days in the refrigerator.
  • Soups and any anything very liquid are best suited to canisters rather than a bag.
  • Canisters are ideal for salads and soft foods that vacuum sealing in a bag will crush.

Food vacuum canisters are made of high quality fully reinforced polycarbonate to ensure maximum strength and are 100% BPA-Free.

Perfect for coffee, tea, herbs, bread, cereals, dry-goods, vegetables, fruit, cold-cuts, cheese, sausages and precooked foods or meals.

The 2L vacuum canister is also known as the Rapid Marinate, as just 1 hour marinading under vacuum seal is equivalent to 24 hours marinading in your fridge!

The Status canister set have a grey indicator button which indicates when its achieved full vacuum. Plus, you can set day and month of when sealed food went into the canisters using the dials on the lids. The Full Tritan Canisters have the same dial but have a green indicator to one side which shows full vacuum

Keep food fresh with vacuum canisters, order yours today!

Have you got a great use for your vacuum canisters? Tell us about it so we can tell others!

Warmest regards, BJ and Kat

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