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Learn how to store food safely. Here are some handy tips!

Proper food storage will not only ensure our health but also save money. Learn a few rules of how and in what way to store products to make them suitable for consumption for a long time. Proper food storage positively affects its shelf life, which reduces food waste. This is a very big problem these days. For this reason, it is worth using methods and accessories that will keep food fresh for a longer time.

Safe food storage in the fridge – what to consider!

Fridge extends the freshness of the food, but most of all, slows down the growth of bacteria that contribute to their spoilage. You must remember to keep the fridge clean. Clean it regularly and do not keep expired products in it. If the product says: keep in the fridge, then you must stick to it. If you keep food in the fridge, pay close attention to where you put it. Any ready-made meals should be at the top. It's best to place dairy products on the higher shelves. Products that spoil faster are better placed on top of the middle shelves. Examples include cottage cheese, eggs and butter. The bottom shelf is best for fish and meat. A drawer is a great place for fresh vegetables and fruits. In case you are not going to eat a meal right away, it is a good idea to put it in the freezer. Do not chill open canned food. Food in an open can have a metallic aftertaste. Also, remember that you should regularly check the expiry date of the products. If you do this, you will find out which ones to eat as soon as possible. An important rule is also not to put hot food in the fridge.

Vacuum canisters make for easy food storage!

Food storage canisters are an important part of kitchen equipment. Thanks to them, food products that stay fresh longer are protected against moisture and insects. The most important thing is to choose the best possible canister that will be used to store food. You should choose products made of glass, wood, ceramics or textiles. They can also be metal, but if not made of stainless steel, they can tend to become covered with rust that changes the flavour of the stored products. If you put food containers on open shelves, they should protect the contents from sunlight. If, on the other hand, you keep them in a closed cupboard, it is best to choose one that is as far as possible from the stove, oven or dishwasher. Vacuum canisters are much better for food storage than ordinary canisters without a vacuum sealing function. Vacuum containers make it possible to store food fresh, aromatic and wholesome for a much longer time. The oxidation processes cause food to lose its nutritional value, quality and taste. Properly done vacuum packaging completely cuts off access to air. You can do vacuum packing in your own home. There are devices that are readily available to help you with this. You can purchase a set of vacuum canisters with a hand pump to remove air from the canister. To open the container, just press the valve in the center of the lid.

Remember to choose containers that are BPA-free. You can also purchase universal vacuum covers. Thanks to this, you will be able to use your bowls and pots for vacuum packing. Thanks to such storage, dry foods will not start to get wet, and wet foods will not dry out. The fat in the products will not go rancid. The vegetables will retain their flavour and colour, even when packaged after cooking. Thanks to the vacuum containers, also coffee and tea will retain their taste, and aroma for a long time. They are ideal for preserving meat products and sliced meat, fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as cooked or baked food.

Food vacuum sealer bags can be used to freeze food hassle-free

Have you ever had food removed from the freezer that lost its flavour texture or was frozen over? Do you remember how disappointed you were? You can avoid this with vacuum sealer bags. Thanks to this, food is perfectly protected. Thanks to the hermetic seal, no moisture or the smell of other products will get into your food. Thanks to this, the quality of the food will remain unchanged. In addition, you can freeze almost everything, including liquid products such as soups or wine or leftovers from dinner, fresh vegetables and fruits or bread. Also, you will not waste food. There is no need to throw away any food leftover from the family party. Sliced meat, cheese or bread packed in a vacuum bag will not lose its taste and nutritional value. Plus, you don't have to force yourself to eat leftovers for the next few days to avoid wasting food.

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