Home kill to the freezer with the Status solid 300

Customer Report, Status Solid 300

Customers report, Status Solid 300 professional vacuum sealer – December 2023


BIG ALFIE is a small cattle farmer in Northern Queensland near Yeppoon. His herd is grass feed, organic beef and he is very proud of the freshness and flavor of the meat produced. “Just can’t buy this quality in the shops anywhere these days.”
So, it is no surprise that when he does a killer for his family BIG ALFIE gets in a professional mobile butcher and he wants it packed away so it will keep that fresh unique flavor and it’s tenderness for months to come in the freezer. For this job it was 2, 400kg Steers and all hands-on deck and a brand-new vacuum sealer. When asked if the Status Solid 300 would vacuum seal a whole beast I said yes it would, just pace yourself as it does have an over heating protection mode. With double seals and double pumps, it pulls out over 20L to the minute and goes to -80kpa this is a very capable vacuum sealer. Little did I know that Big A was actually doing 2 Steers at once.
While the vacuum sealer was making its way to Yeppoon Big A knocked over the 2 Steer and had them hanging for about 10 days prior to butchering.
 Home kill to freezer with the Status solid 300
2 Steer, 400kg live weight each, 250kg gross yield each. So this job was around 500kg of sliced up, grass feed, organic, North Queensland beef.
The farm mobile butcher was there all day cutting up the 2 Steer.
There were 4 helpers packing and vacuum sealing which took 8 hours

Home kill to freezer, 4 helpers Home kill to freezer, more helpers

They used 1 food vacuum sealer, the Status Solid 300
 Home kill to freezer Rump steak vacuum packed 
The butcher cut T-bons, Rump, Fillet steaks, and Round steak. Made up some roasts, ground out some mince and made sausages. While the 4 helpers sorted, packed, vacuum sealed, and packed away all of the 500kgs of butchered beef.
Home kill to freezer Round steak  Home kill to freezer t bone steak  Home kill to Freezer mince  Home kill to freezer sausages
Home kill to freezer beef roast  Home kill to Freezer rolled roast 
It was a very hot and humid day being early December, 36c in the shed
There was 1 cool down period of about half an hour. So this time was spent sorting out some cuts of meat 
Home kill to freezer sorting sausages Home kill to freezer sorting rolled roasts
And then onto vacuum sealing the sausages.
Home Kill to Freezer vacuuming sausages Home kill to freezer sausages
At the end of the day, just when you thought it was over there was still 5 hours of Bar-B-Q and Beer.
Home kill straight on the grill
You will never taste anything so good as fresh, organic beef straight off the hot grill, YUMMO !!!
Also forgot to mention, while all this extremely hot, hard work was going on BIG ALFIE was out mustering, we think, until the Bar-B-Q and Beer’s started of coarse.
Anyway top marks on the job to BIG ALFIE, the 4 helpers and the mobile butcher.

A word from the supplier of the Status solid 300 vacuum sealer,

Food vacuum sealers Australia 

We have a few Status Solid 300 vacuum sealers out there now on farms coping with exactly the same kind of work. This is someone that wants a good quality food vacuum sealer for everyday use and also needs it to handle a full beast 2 or 3 times a year. As some of you may know, if you try and do this job with a small domestic machine then they will struggle and you will need 2 or 3 machines all working at the same time to get through it. So just get 1 good one and be done with it. Big A does a bit of fishing when he gets time so he know also has a great vacuum sealer for his fish. The Status Solid 300 is also a model we recommend to fisherman that have a bit to do at once because of its strong vacuum and double seals.
If you are doing larger quantities however, such as a beast a month or a week we would recommend that you go for a bigger commercial vacuum sealer such as our Status Provac 360 or any of our bigger La-va vacuum sealers.

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