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What is a vacuum jug, and how to use it

Have you ever heard about a vacuum jug? If you did, you are probably wondering what exactly it is? Today we are going to answer this question. In addition to that, we will also give you a couple of tips on how to use a jug like these. So stay with us and read this article carefully!

A short story of freshly squeezed juices

Here is a simple question: what is healthier, a juice put in a bottle with two years expectation date or a freshly squeezed juice? We can all agree that the answer is a juice made from fresh fruits or vegetables. Unfortunately, we can have a squeezer with us everywhere. We also don't always have time to squeeze fruits or vegetables. For many people, an answer to that problem is juicing from stores with a short term use. Often they are called one-day juices. They are healthier but also more expensive. So, what is a real solution? You have to check out a vacuum jug!

A simple explanation of vacuum jugs

A vacuum jug looks almost like a common jug, but there is one significant difference. A vacuum jug allows you to vacuum all the air inside it to vacuum seal a liquid! In a jug! That is awesome, right? So, using a vacuum jug is the same as using a vacuum canister or just vacuum bags. The process stays the same; just a kind of food is different.

How to use a vacuum jug

Maybe you are looking at a vacuum jug and thinking: okay, so it allows vacuuming, for example, a juice, but how is it working? To use a vacuum jug, you will need a hand pump or vacuum sealer. Using both of them is very simple.

Hand pumps for vacuum jug

Let's start with a hand pump. It is nothing less than just a pump, which allows you to vacuum the air from a jug. Most of the time, that kind of pump is one of the elements in the sets while you're buying a vacuum jug. That is the easiest way to use this jug from the beginning. You don't need electricity to use it. So, apart from simple usage, another advantage of a hand pump is that you can take it anywhere you want.

Food vacuum sealer for vacuum jug

Another way to use a vacuum jug is a special food vacuum sealer. It is a machine that automatically does the same thing that you do by using a hand pump. Except for that, it is quicker and more comfortable to use. If you want to use a vacuum sealer for your jug, it needs to have a hose with a special tip that will fit a vacuum jug. This kind of vacuum sealer is offered, for example, by Status. It is a European company which provides vacuum jugs, pumps and sealers. You can find it in our online store.

Why do you need a vacuum jug?

Okay, so that's cool – you probably think – but why would I need a vacuum jug? Did you know that a fresh juice or smoothie oxidizes immediately after being made? When you finish making it, they start to spoil. That is the reason that you have to drink them immediately. Well, maybe in a couple of hours, it depends on how you keep them. A vacuum jug has superpowers that keep your juice, smoothie or whatever fresh to three times longer. It also keeps all the nutritional values. With this jug, your diet can be full of health in a simple, affordable and comfortable way.

Another important thing is that a vacuum jug looks like a common jug, but it is also as big as the one you probably already have. Thanks to that, you can keep a vacuum jug on your refrigerator's door. The most often option is the 1L jug. If you choose a good quality product, for example, from Status, you can also put a jug into a dishwasher to clean it.

The greatest thing about a vacuum jug is that you can keep juice and smoothie there as also cocktails, milk, flavoured water, latte, and many others.

Additional tips before you buy a vacuum jug

Buying a vacuum jug is not a big deal, but it is worth knowing which one to choose. Very important is a high-quality material, so your jug will stay undamaged for a long time. The best option is a Tritan. This is not only a solid material, but it's also the best for another reason - because it is BPA free. That is very important for your safety. Another thing is that a Tritan keeps your jug from absorbing colours and aromas.

Now you can see what a vacuum jug is, and a great idea is to have one in your home. With it, you will save them money, stop throwing fresh drinks and start to keep your diet healthier. Just choose wisely! Remember: good and safe materials are very important.

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