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Your bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that you use everyday without a lot of thought. When you first get up and are in ‘autopilot getting ready mode’ you probably use a bunch of everyday products without thinking much about it. However, as items like cosmetics are loosely regulated by the FDA, you should always be mindful of the ingredients, age, and usage of the product. Even chemicals such as mercury compounds can be used as a preservative in eye make-up. Bathroom products are a breeding ground for bacteria but with Food Vacuum Sealers Australia food vacuum sealer, you can protect your body from the outside in! It’s not just food that benefits from a deoxygenated environment – stop the bacteria growth in your bathroom today.


The bacteria causing styes, conjunctivitis and other infections can start growing in an open mascara tube within three months of use. Additionally it will start to dry out around the same time if you continue to pump it. If you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing mascara everyday it seems like a waste of money huh? Vacuum seal the mascara so it’s only exposed to the air when it’s being used. It doesn’t mean your mascara will last forever, but you can certainly try squeezing an extra month or two out of the product. Remember you should always dispose of your mascara if it smells different, strange, or especially pungent.


According to the Mayo Clinic, sunscreens only work at their full strength for around three years. After that, what you think you’re putting on your body is SPF 50 but in reality, works like an SPF 5. A great thing to do is vacuum seal the sunscreen bottle in the seasons it’s not being used. Also if you prefer to go for the massive bulk bottles of sunscreen, make sure you write the date in which you opened it.


In just a couple of weeks, sponges and natural loofahs can start to breed all kinds of nasty bacteria. Who would of thought the plastic mesh loofah option would be safer – for up to eight weeks. Make sure that you only keep one loofah in your shower at a time. I know the pink one may feel like your ‘Saturday loofah’ but its vital you only have one going at a time. If you’re someone who doesn’t regularly use one, rinse and dry your loofah and vacuum seal it after each use. This will extend it’s shower life by miles! If you use one everyday, consider getting a new one out on the first of each month or every second month. That way it’s easier to keep track how long it’s been sitting in the shower.


Lotion in a jar that you use your fingers to apply can become a breeding ground for bacteria and be tossed at least every year. While lotions and moisturizers contained in a tube should be good for a couple of years once opened, after that they will start drying out and lose all their effectiveness. Always make sure you use clean hands to apply to lotion and then vacuum seal the pottle or tube. This will especially help the drying out but also stop the rapid spread of bacteria in the bottles but putting it an deoxidised environment.


Lipstick that is exposed to air will start to dry out and change consistency after about two years. The smell and texture will be a good indication of this. Unless it’s your favourite lippy you wear everyday, there a probably a lot of outrageous purples and oranges that you only wear with the one outfit. Vacuum seal those lipsticks to prevent them from drying out. It’s also smart to give your lipsticks a good cleaning every once in a while too.


Sure, we all know that disposable razors are meant to be disposable, but how often should we be doing this? To prevent bacteria build up and razor burn, you should toss your razors every couple of weeks or after three to four shaves. To prolong their life, dry the razor out after every use and vacuum seal it till the next time you need to shave. Especially during the winter when we all get a bit slack on grooming…

It’s amazing how many products we use everyday that harbour all sorts of harmful bacteria. What’s even more amazing is the multiple uses of your food vacuum sealer from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia.

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