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As you know, food vacuum sealers have become a revolutionary new product on the market that keeps food five times fresher and reduces food waste by 30%. If you’ve invested in one of these fantastic machines from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia, wouldn’t it be nice to have machine like this to organise the rest of your life? Read our Creative Household Vacuum Sealer Tips and learn about how a vacuum sealer has multiple uses to revolutionize other rooms in your house.


Keep your survival gear dry when you’re tramping the rain. By vacuum sealing items such as compasses and maps, your essential items are kept free from the rain and other elements you frequently come across in nature. Not only is all your essential gear protected, it ensures minimum space consumption and maximum organisation.

Important Documents

Storing important documents often takes expensive lamination to counter the risk of deterioration from the natural elements (such as dust, moisture and air). We want to know important documents are being kept safe and private without getting damaged from sitting in a damp drawer or cabinet for years on end. Vacuum sealing combats the risk of natural spoilage by preserving documents in their original state.


I may not speak for every woman, but I think most of us have a secret stash of jewellery we keep hidden. Whether its hidden to stop reminding us of someone, to stop people from ‘borrowing’ our favourite items, I’m sure we all have some jewels we want to hide. Metals tarnish over time and run the risk of corrosion if it is in constant contact with the air. Additionally, cleaning the silver, copper or bronze elements can risk spoiling the precious gems it surrounds. By vacuum sealing jewellery items, we know that the quality will not deteriorate, and they can be hidden safely away. What’s more, you can tell if someone has tried to access it by looking at the condition of the seal.


As with jewellery, cutlery is made from metal that has the potential to tarnish and corrode when in contact with the air. Use your vacuum sealer for other items in the kitchen to keep them protected when not in use. A great idea to use for that exclusive cutlery set that only makes an appearance on special occasions.

Favourite Articles

When you read an article that has special significance to you, you may want to store it away to reflect on later. Problem is, when you go to look at it again, the edges have worn and the paper has a not so nice yellow tinge to it. If you vacuum seal your favourite articles, they will remain as good as the day you first read them. It’s a great and inexpensive way to preserve the article of yourself or your children being featured in the newspaper.


CDs, DVDs, blu-ray discs are renowned for getting scratched easily and ruining our favourite song or film when we’re in the mood to play them. Cases usually protect the discs, but how often does the cover goes missing or the disc flap manages to detach itself from the case? Vacuum sealing will protect your discs from accidental falls and shield them from dust and humidity that can damage them.


There are plenty of products in everyone’s bathroom that spoil over time. Although these sorts of products last longer than food, there is only a certain amount of time before pharmaceutical or cosmetic products spoil as well. You can vacuum seal nail polishes for an easy solution to heat damage and to stop the lids being dried tightly together. Pills, medicines and creams can be sealed away safely and it’s not the end of the world if those tiny white caps on ointment tubes disappear. You can then write the date on it so you know when it’s time to throw it out.


When going on holiday, you’ll want to make sure your toothbrush isn’t getting mixed with your toe nail clippers as they both sit freely in your toilet bag. By vacuum sealing smaller items, you can ensure you’re equipped with the most hygienic travelling kit. Also it prevents liquids from spilling through your bag – exploding shampoo is finally a thing of the past!

There are so many other possibilities that Food Vacuum Sealers Australia food vacuum sealers have to offer. With uses that extend far beyond the kitchen to every other room in the house, order one to get your life organised today.

So, what’s your favourite household use for your vacuum sealer when you’re not preserving food? Leave your comments below so all our readers can enjoy your suggestions.

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