Food storage while camping - how should you go about it?

Are you traveling a lot? Is your freedom your joy? It's really great! However, while traveling, you must remember to eat healthily. This will give you the strength to discover new places. Here are some tips for camping food storage. Use them to keep yours fresh.

Vacuum sealer for travel

There are many ways to travel. Perhaps you are the owner of a motorhome. This allows you to take more things with you. So, consider buying a high-quality vacuum sealer. It is a device that is used for vacuum packing food. It is small. Thanks to this, it will fit in a small kitchenette. If you don't have space for them in your RV, you can keep the device at home. Then prepare the food before the trip.

How does a vacuum sealer work?

The vacuum sealer works very simply. This device sucks air from a foil bag. This is where you put the food you want to pack. This way, you get vacuum-packed food. What can be stored in this way? Vacuum packing works well with almost any type of food. It can be meat, vegetables, fruit.

What should you choose instead of a vacuum sealer?

Sometimes it is impossible to afford a vacuum sealer. Especially if you sleep in a tent. There are alternative ways to pack food. One of these types of products stay fresh produce bags. These are special bags for fresh produce. They are perfect for storing most Brussell sprouts, for example. Importantly, such bags are very easy to use.

Bag sealer sticks are another very good solution. Such a closure is perfect for products that we need to leave open. Such foods include, for example, spices, breakfast cereals, pasta, and even crisps. Nobody wants them to lose their freshness after opening. It is even more difficult to keep an eye on this in a motorhome. Putting a special sticker on the packaging will allow it to be tightly closed.

Can I keep food in plastic containers?

Many people prefer to use containers for food storage. You have to think carefully about the choice of such boxes. They take up a lot of space. There may be a space problem in the motorhome. Therefore, it is worth choosing collapsible containers. The containers can be folded up when not in use. Then they take up a minimum of space. It is the perfect solution for traveling. You can store anything in such containers.

Of course, keep in mind that alternatives do not last as long as vacuum packing.

Camping food storage - so how should we go about it?

The method of storing food at the campsite depends on how many things you can take with you. If it is a long trip in a motorhome or a spacious car, you can even take the vacuum sealer with you. In general, however, we recommend that you prepare your food in advance.

  1. Carefully choose the products you want to take with you. Keep vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts separate from others. Prepare meat, vegetables, fruit, and powdered products separately.
  2. Use a vacuum sealer to pack meats and other products.
  3. Use stay fresh bags to pack food that should not be vacuum-packed.
  4. Choose one bag sealer stick for each loose product.
  5. You can store loose products in ordinary cabinets or a backpack.
  6. Take the cooler with you and place vacuum-packed food in it and in stay-fresh bags.
  7. If you have a fridge/freezer in your RV, freeze the food you eat at the latest.

Even if you're going on a long trip, the ideas above will help you prepare. You will be able to prepare healthy meals even on camping as a result of this. Furthermore, because you will prepare the dinners yourself, you will save a lot of money. There will be no need to go out to eat. It is well known that prices in tourist areas are high.

How long can you keep vacuum-sealed food in storage?

Under normal conditions, the meat can be stored for up to two days. The storage time of vegetables is slightly longer. They are suitable for consumption for a maximum of five days. Vacuum packing significantly extends this time. Vegetables can be stored for up to 20 days (in a refrigerator). The vacuum-packed meat has a shelf life of up to 9 days (in a refrigerator). Even better results are achieved by freezing food. Hermetically packed meat can be kept in the freezer for up to two years.

When we write about fresh products, we don't only mean the use-by date. This also applies to the smell and taste of our meals. They are intense; the food does not weather.

Each campsite will be successful with well-packaged food. Thanks to this, you can eat tasty and fresh meals in all conditions.

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