When it comes to entertaining, there are an abundance of things you need to do. Clean the place, get the music sorted, stock the liquor cabinet, maybe clean out the medicine cabinet and most importantly, sort out the food. Whether you show off your cooking skills or run down to the deli, food preparation for any home party is the most time consuming activity. For those culinary aficionados, here’s how you can use your food vacuum sealer from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia, to make entertainment a breeze.

If you’re having a big dinner party, then your food selection is going to define the outcome of the evening. You’ll want to serve three courses – entrée, main and desert for every person. A small party of eight suddenly becomes 24 meals needing to be cooked and presented with excellence.

Cooking for many people is pressure enough but add a time restriction, then the real stress starts. Often under pressured circumstances, we are prone to making mistakes. The worst is when you ruin the food you prepared for a dinner party, as you don’t have the time, money or patience to start all over again. The best thing to do is prepare your food selection days in advance and vacuum seal it. It still stays fresh and delicious but that way, you know whatever your serving is good. Its also great for those situations where one of your guests brings a plus one without even telling you as there is always more on hand to be served.

Dinner party menus are more substantial then the normal catering, so you have the freedom with what you prepare. Your food vacuum sealer is great for marinating meat in minutes, so the cooking process doesn’t have to drag out any longer than necessary. There’s also great casseroles that are easy to make and seal in bulk. For ideas check out these winter warm up recipes.

Desert can be one of the hardest meals to prepare in bulk as it often requires intricate work. If you vacuum seal a large amount of whatever sweet treat you desire you can then serve the best ones to your guests. Then when to comes to the night of, all you need to do is add the cherry on top. If you want fresher baked sweet treats, you could vacuum seal the dough then put it in the oven on the night of. That way when you say you just whipped something up in the oven – it’s actually true!

Whether you’re preparing a large dinner party, a cocktail evening or not planning to entertain at all, your food vacuum sealer is the best asset in your party preparations. By saving time on cooking, you also save yourself the stress so you’re free to enjoy the evening as much as your guests.

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