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Basic information about food storage temperature

There are various parameters that must be met in order for food to be preserved. Food storage temperature is one of them. Various products necessitate unique criteria that must be met. Make sure you know how to store the food, so it doesn't deteriorate.

How to store food for a long? Factors influencing the length of storing

One of the most important factors is, of course, food storage temperature. However, remember that many other things influence suitability for consumption. One of them is the way of food storage. One of the best ways to store foods is to vacuum pack them.

What is vacuum packing? This is a process that leads to removing oxygen from the packaging. By that, it slows down the deterioration and decomposition processes of raw and heat-treated ingredients. Especially for you, we will consider how significant impact food storage vacuum packing has. Here we will tell you if it is worth packing the products in vacuum bags and foils. We will also tell you at what temperature keep food and how does temperature affect vacuum-packed food?

Vacuum packing can help you store things for up to five times longer. Everything is dependent on the temperature. It should be remembered that some items can be stored at room temperature (for example, flour or nuts). When should you stay away from temperatures above those of refrigeration? When it comes to storing meat or poultry (raw and cooked). What should you do if you wish to freeze your goods? In that situation, vacuum-packed products must be placed in the freezer as soon as possible after packaging. Fish products, interestingly, endure freezing far better than fish itself.

What are some common mistakes made when storing food?

Various blunders are frequently committed when it comes to food storage. They have an impact on food quality, nutrition, and flavour. They can also be dangerous to one's health and life in extreme circumstances. The biggest blunder is letting meat, poultry, and their products out at room temperature. As a result, degradation processes are significantly accelerated, and harmful germs multiply rapidly. The flavour, smell, colour, and texture of foods stored in the refrigerator are all affected by improper packaging (using leaky packaging). After defrosting, if the packaging is placed in the freezer too late, the product may lose its quality.

Summary of information on food storage temperatures

Temperature is one of the key factors that influence the food we store. Nevertheless, it cannot be separated from the way food is stored. Vacuum bags, foils and containers not only create a barrier to odours. They also prevent the food from drying out. Moreover, thanks to the creation of an anaerobic environment, slow down the processes of food spoilage. It means extending shelf-life by up to five times. Thanks to this, you will save money and reduce the amount of food wasted.

Remember that the storage temperature of food is critical to keeping it fresh.

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