The secret to the most delicious cooked meals lies with the craft of the magic of marinating. However, in order to experience the full flavor infusion, the food needs to be marinaded hours in advance. Thanks to Food Vacuum Sealers Australia food vacuum sealing systems, it takes minutes rather than hours to dress your favorite food.

The magic of marinating can be broken down into three simple steps:

1. How do I marinade food?

Whether you are marinading meat, tofu, vegetables or fish, you want to create a marinade that compliments the natural flavor of the product. Here are our favorite tips that we recommend when starting off your marinade for any food.


Cut the meat into smaller pieces. This allows for more exposure to a larger surface area, allowing the meat to absorb more flavor. If you’re marinating a steak, you can also pick the more cost efficient, tougher cuts. This can increase the quality of the taste of cheap cuts as opposed to running the risk of ruining expensive cuts.


Removing the skin will allow for better absorbance of the sauce. Alternatively, you can pierce the meat with a fork to allow for absorption  – particularly in full roast chickens.


Fish takes less time to marinate because of the less density of the meat. Therefore it only takes minutes to marinade!

2. How do I make the best marinade?

Try our basic formula so you can cater and create a delicious marinade to your likings!

You’ll need:

Acidic ingredient: such as vinegar, wine, yogurt or citrus juice
Oil: olive or vegetable work well
Aromatics: such as onion, garlic and ginger
Salt/umami: such as soy, miso or Worcestershire
Herbs and Spices: such as rosemary, oregano, cumin, parsley, tarragon, cinnamon or cloves Sweetness: teriyaki sauce, sesame oil, BBQ sauce
Chile heat: such as red pepper flakes, hot sauce or sliced chiles

The ratio of each ingredient will depend on how your want to flavour your food. We suggest trying:

  • American – apple cider vinegar with Worcestershire sauce
  • Chinese – teriyaki base with a rice wine vinegar
  • Mediterranean – use red wine and tomato paste
  • Middle Eastern – with a yogurt base and chopped mint leaves
  • French – using dry white wine of any quality
  • Japanese – Miso paste and sweet cooking win

3. How do I use my food vacuum sealer to marinade quicker?

Once you have picked your food and made your marinade, use one of our fantastic vacuum sealer bag or roll and place the food in. Then, add enough marinade to bag so it completely covers the food – be careful not to drown it though! Alternatively, just add the meat and marinade into a canister to seal.

Seal with care using your food vacuum sealer from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia. You can place some rolled paper towel at the top of the bag which ensures there’s no liquid along the sealing line. Refrigerate your marinaded food for 30 minutes. For more dense items such as steak or lamb, you can leave them to marinade for up to two hours for a more tender result.

1 hour under vacuum seal is equivalent to 24 hours in your fridge!

This approach is perfect for spontaneous dinner parties or when family members come to town. It’s now easy to prepare a meal in much less time, so you can spend more time with your family rather than slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end.

Vacuum sealing not only saves you money, food and storage space, it also saves you precious time! Pick out your favorite food vacuum sealer from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia now.

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