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How to use dry aging bags – tips and tricks

Are you one of these people who love to experiment in the kitchen? So dry aging bags are definitely for you. With them, you would be able to make delicious food your way. Check out why is it worth having dry aging bags and how to use them properly.

What are dry aging bags?

First, we would like to explain what dry aging bags are. These are special bags made in this way, which allows them to keep conditions perfect for the drying process. So, with these bags, you don't have to worry about oxygen and temperature. They are also made of material that keeps the moisture out. You can use a dry aging method in your kitchen thanks to bags like that.

What kind of method is dry aging?

Now you know dry aging bags, but what is a dry-aging process? To say it most simply - this is a process you can get dried meat. The most popular way to use it is by drying beef. To do that, you need a controlled environment. There are a couple of ways to keep good temperature and humidity. As you already know, you can do that, for example, with special bags.

What kind of dry aging bags is the best?

Many companies on the market have dry aging bags on their offer. You need to be careful while choosing the best one. What do you need to know before buying anything?

As you can see, dry aging bags are not simple bags. So you can't just buy anything that fits a vacuum sealer. This kind of bag needs to be made from special materials which provide perfect conditions for the drying process. Secondly, they need to be solid. It is really easy to damage the bag during putting meat into it or preparing the bag to vacuum seal.

Short instruction: how to use dry aging bags

Let's assume that you have dry aging bags at your home. What else do you need? Well, you have to find a food vacuum sealer. Choose one that will fit your kitchen. You can find a wide range of vacuum sealers at our Food Vacuum Sealers online shop. You can also find our high-quality dry aging bags. And that's all that you need. Apart from meat, of course.

If you have everything, there is no time to waste; let's start! First, choose the meat that you would like to dry. You have to cut it into slices that will fit in the dry aging bag. You also need to remove fat from the meat. The next thing to do is put meat in the bag. You have to be careful; the bag needs to remain undamaged. Then you have to vacuum seal a bag. Then just put a bag with meat in your fridge. Keep it on the rack because it needs to have airflow around it. Also, remember to put the label on the bag with the date when you started the drying process.

How long to keep dried meat in a fridge?

After putting the sealed dry aging bag in a fridge, you can keep it there for three or four weeks. It all depends on the meat and conditions. You have to watch the meat carefully. It will turn darker during the drying process. You should also turn it in from time to time. So, when is dried meat ready? It is hard to tell exactly when to take the meat out of the fridge. You just need to know when it's mature. Then you can take a meet out of the bag. Remember to use it in the next two days.

Is it worth using dry aging bags?

Well, of course, it is! Here's why!

One of the biggest advantages of dry aging bags is that they are easy to use! Drying meat is not a simple process. Big companies use advanced technology to provide the best conditions for meat. That is why dried meat is so expensive when you buy it at the store. Dry aging bags used with good quality vacuum sealers are doing the whole job for you. Isn't that great?

But, it's not everything! You can do your favourite dried meat at home with dry aging bags. With it, you can prepare tasty steak, brisket or roasts. It is all up to you! This is a great opportunity to do some experiments in your kitchen. We are sure that all meals will be delicious!

And last but not the least - if you are drying meat at home, you know the quality of the product. This is a very important thing because there is often an old meet, full of unhealthy substances in the store. Homemade dried meat makes you sure that you are eating healthy food.

To sum up, using dry aging bags is very simple. It allows you to prepare your dried meat at home. Meet prepared that way is much cheaper than dried meat in the stores. It is also healthier because you know what kind of meat was used and what is in it. So now you know how to use dry aging bags – enjoy your meal!

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