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Why Vacuum Package Food

Why Package Food?

Just butchered a whole calf? Have you smoked a lot of meat? Do you have loads of fish to store in the freezer? Store your meat for years with the best quality vacuum sealer machines.

Not sure how vacuum sealing your food saves you time, money and space? 

The act of removing oxygen that surrounds food using a vacuum sealer, and then keeping it out by using vacuum storage bags for packaging as a protective air-tight skin, is an extremely effective way to preserve the freshness of many foods.

Why Package Food?

  • Preserves Fresh Appearance of Plant Foods
  • Preserves Fresh Appearance of Meats and Seafood
  • Preserves Fresh Flavour of Meats and Seafood
  • Avoids Warmed Over Flavour

The Rapid Marinate Function on Status Provac 360 makes is a game-changing feature saving you time and money!

  • Save Time: Semi-automated vacuum marinating reduces handling and marinating time with as little as 18 minutes needed for marination of some products.
  • Improve Quality and Consistency: The process of rapid-marinating allows for an even penetration of the marinade and extracts protein to the surface of meat for a juicier, more tender and flavourful food.

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