ZeroPak Mini Provac

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 ZeroPak Mini Provac

One of our smallest vacuum sealers with full functionality of bigger machines.

Now comes with a FREE roll of 15 meters x 20cm roll film


  • Easy 1 button operation (auto function)
  • Air extraction 9 litres per minute
  • Vacuum pressure 60 kpa/-600mbar
  • Power 110 Watt / 240 v
  • 1 year warranty
  • Deminsions 370 x 115 x 60 mm

ZeroPak Mini Provac

  • This vacuum sealer comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Absolutly a fantastic and affordable food vacuum sealer is compact and incredibly simple to use.
  • Extremley light wieght at under 1Kg and only draws 120 watts
  • It has a canister port, clear lid. It also comes with a wine stopper to keep your wine fresh
  • Fantastic for home units or for travelling.
  • And very affordable

Normally $149, now only $89.95! While stocks last!

Compact And Easy To Use. Clear lid so less can go wrong while setting the bag or roll up. With all the functions of a bigger machine at the touch of a button.
Ideal for small city apartments, the caravan, motor home and on the boat. The machine is compact but still offers all the benefits of storing food in vacuum.
Save time and money by vacuum packing your foodstuffs. Storing in vacuum prolongs the food´s shelf life up to 5 times. Use it for vacuum packing dried and fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, and nuts. Also great for liquids like soups and stews. It can be used manually also which gives you greater control over the machine. This machine is also compatible with our canisters. Rolls of 20cm or 28cm Vacuum Sealing Film can be cut to size to make bags for storing and freezing, or you can use our Pre-Made Bags.

Added to the deal it comes with our new wine stopper to keep half bottles of wine fresh for longer

Totally adequate the Sealer comes with the power cord, vacum hose for the wine stopper, user manual and 10 pre-made bags

ZeroPak Mini Provac


15 mters of 20cm roll film

Making the bag

Vacuum sealing some meat

The wine stopper



Vacuum of -550 mbar removes 9lt of air per minute
Sealer comes with a full 1 year replacement warranty 

This mini vacuum sealer is ideal for any household that is wanting to buy in bulk and vacuum seal food for tyhe fridge or freezer. It is a great model to start on at a very low price. Unlike other machines below $100 we do supply replacement heat strips and foam seals for this model.

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Food Vacuum Sealers Australia products are also supplied by BJ Enterprises and Marketing in Australia and C & M Marketing in New Zealand

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