Status FV500 Family Vac Seal Kit

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Status FV500 Family Vac Seal Kit

Status FV500 Family Vac Seal Kit. The foam and rubber seals are something that does generally wear out from general use, these replacements can be supplied from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia.

Status FV500 Family Vac Seal Kit is also made specifically for this machine.

Status FV500 Family Vac Seal Kit consists of 1 seal, the top one

The Status FV500 Family Vac Seal Kit. consists of an upper seal. It is usally the upper seal or the foam seal that does get damage or wears out first. The lower rubber seal rearly gets damaged but should still be checked if the machine is playing up.

Liquid On the seal kit

It may even get liquid on it that foam seal that will form a hard part in the seal and stop the machine from working properly. You can try removing the foam seal and soak it in warm water to get the dried liquid out of the foam seal. Some times this will work before having to replace the Status FV500 Family Vac Seal Kit.

We also stock other seal kits but only for the machines that we stock. If you have another brand then it is best to go to the point of purchase or the manufacturer. All good quality machines and reputable companies will carry spare parts for there vacuum sealers. It is a shame to pay good money for a vacuum sealer and then find out you can not get simple parts for it. Like the foam seals which will wear out on any vacuum sealer eventually. It pays to research this first.


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