ZeroPak Canister Hose Heavy

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ZeroPak Canister Hose Heavy

This ZeroPak Canister Hose Heavy will connect your vacuum sealer to your canister to remove the air from the canister. It is heavy wieght and does a great job.

The ZeroPak Canister Hose Heavy is suitable for the ZeroPak Mini provac sealer and the ZeroPak Dual vac.

Put the smaller end onto the vacuum port of either machine. Then position the ZeroPak Canister Hose Heavy over the valve of the canister. When it builds up pressure the machine will automaticlly shut off meaning that it is at around 55 - 60 kpa, depending on the machine used. So that your food will stay fresher longer. This system will extend food storage up to 3 - 4 times of a normal container in the fridge or frezzer. To release the pressure just move the valve sideways and release the side clamps. When cleaning your canisters, insure there are no particals on the seal area or under the seal rubber.

We do have other canister hoses for other models of vacuum sealers also. The ZeroPak Canister Hose Heavy is only suitable for our 2 ZeroPak models

Here is an article about freezing and storeing with canisters. One way the canister hose zeropak can be used. This systems makes your vacuum sealer so much more than just a vacuum sealer  Click Here


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