Vacuum Sealer Rolls 28cmx9mx5

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Vacuum Sealer Rolls 28cmx9mx5


For Cryovac machines. Comes in a 3 roll pack, each roll 3m long. Suitable for machines that have a roll film holder. Such as our Status FV500 and Status SV2000, also suitable for many other model food vacuum sealers with roll film holders

  • Vacuum Sealer Rolls 28cmx9mx5
  • Each pack, 3 rolls each 3 meters long, total 9 meters
  • Purchase 5 packs or save and purchase 10 packs
  • 100 microns by 80 microns
  • BPA free and are fully tested to meet food safety standards
  • Safe to place in boiling water
  • Suitable for boiling in the bag Sous vide cooking
  • Microwave safe for reheating in the pack
  • Patented multi-layered bi-directional pattern which inhibits moisture and dust flow, for a perfect seal every time
  • Suitable for all external bag vacuum sealers


  • Our Rolls are fully recyclable
  • Simply turn inside out and hand wash
  • Or place in the Dishwasher
  • Rolls can be cut to meet your exact size needs

Vacuum Sealer Rolls 28cmx9m, 3 rolls each 3m long, buy 5 packs or 10 packs and save.

Vacuum Sealer Rolls 28cmx9mx5

Our bulk and retail Vacuum Sealer Rolls 28cmx9mx5 are 100% BPA free and are fully tested to meet food safety standards.

Dishwasher safe using the top shelf, and microwave safe for reheating in the pack. Our vacuum bags can also be used for Sous Vide or boil-in-the-bag cooking.

100 microns by 80 microns patented multi-layered, bi-directional pattern. This inhibits moisture & dust flow for a perfect seal every time.

Superior Quality Vacuum Sealer Rolls 28cmx9mx5!
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Our Vacuum Sealer Rolls 28cmx9mx5 work with many other types of vacuum sealers.


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