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Status Gasket Seal Kits

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Status gasket seal kits

The foam and rubber gasket seal kits are something that does generally wear out from general use, these replacements can be supplied from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia. It may even get liquid on it that foam seal that will form a hard part in the seal and stop the machine from working properly. You can remove the foam gasket seal and place it in warm water to soak and that will get the dried liquid out of the foam gasket seal. Most of the time this will work as long as the foam gasket is not damaged. If it works ok you may not need to replace it just yet.

Status gasket seal kits available.

  • Status Minivac gasket seal kit, 2 foam seals.
  • Status FV500 Family vac gasket seal kit, 1 foam seal.
  • Status HV500 Home vac gasket seal kit, 2 foam seals.
  • Status SV2000 semi-commercial gasket kit, 2 foam seals.
  • Status Provac 360 gasket seal kit, 1 foam seal and 1 rubber seal.

We also supply other seal kits for the machines that we offer and continue to stock parts for a few years after we stop selling a particular model. If your vacuum sealer is another brand other than what we stock then you will need to contact the point of purchase or the manufacturer. Most of the reputable companies will stock spare parts for the vacuum sealers they sell. It is not good to pay good money for a vacuum sealer and then realize that you can not get spare parts for it. Foam seals will wear out on any vacuum sealer with use and if they can not be replaced the vacuum sealer will not work as it should. It pays to research this first.