Sico Nevada Vacuum Sealer

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 Sico Nevada Vacuum Sealer

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Commercial Grade Food Vacuum Sealer, Cryovac machine

Extremely easy to use thanks to the patented magnetic closing system that reduces the intervention of the most demanding operator to the minimum.

The Sico Nevada Vacuum Sealer has a 650 watt motor and 92kpa vacuum pressure with a removable liquid filter to protect the pump together with the patented magnetic closing system making this machine a breeze to use.

MACHINE FEATURES of Sico Nevada Vacuum Sealer:

  • Italian made

  • Continuous use with triple seals

  • Aluminum sealing bar

  • 32cm wide vacuum chamber

  • 4mm triple seals with sealing indicator

  • Automatic (by sensor) and manual mode

  • Automatic patented magnetic closing system

  • Adjustable seal with 10 positions for bag thickness and contents

  • Professional accurate vacuum gauge

  • Auto lubricating pump with accurate 25 litres per minute air extraction

  • Filter protecting pump from liquid, dust and is easily cleaned

  • Adjustable vacuum valve up to 92 kpa pressure /-0.92 bar

  • Automatic lid opening on completion by solenoid

  • Reinforced silver ABS thickness 4mm housing

  • Accessory port

  • Anti sliding feet

  • 220-240 volt

  • 650watt motor

  • 2 year warranty

  • We stock spare parts for all of our vacuum sealers. 

All our Sico models including the Sico Nevada Vacuum Sealer come with the vacuum control valve and upgraded circuitry as a standard features

European quality made in Italy

The Sico Nevada vacuum sealer is encased in a 4mm reinforced silver abs, for a long lasting vacuum-power.

With it’s accurate vacuum gauge you can achieve continuous double seals with a wide 32cm sealing bar.

The Sico Nevada Vacuum Sealer generates a vacuum pressure of -0.92 KPA with continuous vacuum for large volume, and no over heating.

After more options in commercial vacuum sealers


Sico Nevada Vacuum Sealer


+ 2 Year Domestic Warranty
+ Vacuum Pressure of -0.92KPA
+ Continuous seals without overheating
+ Pump capacity: 25L p/m
+ Double sealing 32cm bar


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