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FVS400 Commercial Food Vacuum Sealer

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FVS400 commercial food vacuum sealer

Available end of August

The FVS commercial grade vacuum sealer Is wide enough for the biggest of jobs yet very affordable to the home operator as well as the commercial user. The FVS400 is very functional as well as having several settings to suit the job at hand. With auto mode and a pulse function for manual mode, it also has a canister port. Features a fast and slow speed with wet and dry sealing.
The FVS400 commercial food vacuum sealer has a stainless-steel housing, and a strong ABS lid. It has adjustable heat seal time and adjustable vacuum time to suit the material and the job. With the adjustable heat time it can be used continuously by reducing the seal time. At 42 cm wide it is suited to those big jobs as well as the small ones

Commercial grade specifications:

  • 42 cm wide sealing bar.
  • Double 3 mm seals for a secure seal.
  • Fast double pump, 20 L per minute.
  • Low power draw @ 290 watts.
  • Reaches a full vacuum pressure of -0.85 KPA. 
  • Continuous vacuum designed for larger bags.
  • No over heating with its seal time heat adjustment.
  • Pulse function for soft foods and liquids.
  • Cancel button.
  • Seal only.
  • Vacuum canister port.
  • Very fast vacuum cycle.
  • Stainless steel housing.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Free transit tracking.

    Included in the FVS400 commercial vacuum sealer box

    • FVS commercial vacuum sealer.
    • Power cord.
    • 5 bags 12 cm x 55 cm.
    • 5 bags 20 cm x 28 cm.
    • Canister hose.
    • 1 user manual.
    If you require any further information or assistance for the FVS commercial vacuum sealer, please call 0427131007.
    The FVS400 is only available in Australia from Food vacuum sealers Australia.

    FVS400 commercial vacuum sealer