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Food Vacuum Sealer Bags On Sale

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Food vacuum sealer bags on sale

Food vacuum sealers Australia has some limited sizes and quantities of vacuum sealing bags that go on sale periodically. These premade bags are of equal quality of our main lines but they may be a different sizing to our main lines of premade bags. 

Cryovac bags. Sizes available are in the drop down menu. If you require a different size of vacuum sealer bag you will need to go to our main listings. CLICK HERE

Sizes of vacuum sealer premade bags on sale

  • Food vacuum sealer bags 28 cm x 40 cm, 50 bags

Specifications of the premade bags on sale

  • 50 bags in a packet
  • Less than $0.30 per bag
  • 120 Microns By 100 Microns Thick
  • BPA free and are fully tested to food health and safety standards
  • Can be used in all types of external bag vacuum sealers