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European Vacuum Sealer Rolls

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European made food vacuum sealer rolls 

European quality food vacuum roll film imported straight from Slovenia in Europe from Status. Comes in 2 sizes, 20 cm x 4 3 m rolls and 28 cm x 3 3 m rolls. Suitable for all external bag vacuum sealers and also vacuum sealers with roll film holders. It is suitable for sous vide cooking and also for the freezer and fridge. Pre-made meals can be boiled in the bag or reheated in the microwave.

European food vacuum sealer rolls specifications

  • European quality made Rolls 20 cm & 28 cm wide.
  • 20 cm is 4 rolls of 3 meters each, 12 meters total.
  • 28 cm is 3 rolls of 3 meters each, 9 meters total.
  • Extra Heavy Duty - 130 microns by 100 microns.
  • BPA free and are fully tested to meet European food safety standards.
  • Safe to place in boiling water.
  • Suitable Sous vide cooking.
  • Microwave safe for reheating in the pack.
  • Patented multi-layered, embossed pattern which gives a perfect vacuum and seal every time.
  • Suitable for all outside bag vacuum sealers.

Superior quality vacuum sealer European made rolls 28 cm & 20 cm wide

Food Vacuum Sealers Australia is the only Australian distributor of Status food vacuum sealers and vacuum sealer roll film.

Buy direct and save!

We import directly from Status in Europe.