Sico S-Line model videos

 The Sico S-Line model videos

Introducing the Sico commercial food vacuum sealer. The Sico S-Line commercial food vacuum sealer is the highest of quality commercial food vacuum sealer. The S-Line is built specifically for everyday use in the work place. Tuff and dependable.
We supply 3 sizes in the Sico S-Line commercial vacuum sealer.
S-Line 350 (35 cm wide). S-Line 460 ( 46 cm wide). S-Line 550 (55 cm wide).
We have 3 videos on the operation of the Sico S-Line commercial food vacuum sealer and although the models have different power the operation remains the same on all 3 models.
They will go through vacuum sealing with bags, and rolls, and the Sico S-Line commercial vacuum sealer has a soft vacuum function, we will run through that also.

Food vacuum sealing with pre-made bags

Food vacuum sealing with rolls

Using the soft vacuum feature