Accessories Information

Accessories at Food Vacuum Sealers Australia include a range of food vacuum canisters. Also we supply several different canister hoses. Several vacuum hand pumps which will be a great addition to any canister set. Our Accessories range is always expanding as new products come onto the market.

Presently we have several canister accessories sets. The Status sets, which is made in Europeand a set made in China. All of these sets come with a free hand pump

Canisters accessories are fantasic for storing any soft foods or Liquids. Both these are difficult to vacuum seal in bags due to there consistancy. Food will last about 3 times longer in a vacuum canister than in a normal container. Another advantage of vacuum canisters is that you can open and close them often. To re vacuum the canister it just requires a quick pump with the free hand pump.

The canister hose accessories are suitable for our food vacuum sealers. They will fit other models with the same canister port also. If you already have a canister set and if they have the same valve thay will be compatible also.

Our hand pump accessories work very well with our vacuum cansters. Each set of our vacuum canisters come with a free hand pump. The hand pumps will work on other vacuum canister sets with the same valve system. They do not work with the wine stopper or the bags with a valve.