UMAi Dry Aging Bags

From an Australian supplier. Umai Dry Aging Bags for steak, roasts and brisket Dry age safely at home in 28 - 45 days. Prepare 5 star resturant meat at home. Just vacuum the cut of meat in the dry aging bag and store in your refrigerator on a rack so that you get air flow on all sides. Basically, how dry aging of meat works is that the dry aging back is a membrane that is able to breath so moisture is allowed to escape and air is allowed to enter. This dry aging process not only tenderises rough cuts of meat but also gives the meat an intense flavour that cannot be replicated in any other way. To prepare the cut of meat for dry aging you should trim any thick bits of fat and any of the silver skin. If the cut is a flatter cut you can roll it and tie it like a rolled roast.

When vacuum sealing your cut of meat in the Umai dry aging bag, remember it is not a vacuum bag. Leave your meat moist so you get good contact of the bag to the cut of meat, about 80% contact is good. Use the Umai vac mouse to aid in the extraction of air. It is best to use the vacuum sealer on manual mode and stop the vacuum before sealing to massage the air pockets out and then continue and seal. If there is some air left in the vacuum bag, this is OK. If you get moisture in the first seal, which you probably will, then clean above it and do a second seal. Place the vacuumed dry aging bag in the fridge on a rack with nothing touching the sides.

Always label the bag with the date you prepared it. When the dry aged meat has done its time, remove it from the fridge. Cut and peel the dry aging bag off the cut of meat. The outside of the meat will be a very dark colour, this thin layer should be trimmed off before cutting into steaks or cooking whole.

Our selection of Umai dray aged bags include dry aging bags for Roasts, Whole Eyerib, Sirloin and whole Briskets. We also provide a mixed set of these Umai dry aging bags. Dry aging meat is one of the oldest ways of preparing and preserving meat naturally and thanks to Umai dry aging it can still be done safely in your own home.