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Food Vacuum Sealers was established back in the early 2000's and grew under the company, Munro Direct selling cryovac food vacuum sealers. In 2019 Food Vacuum Sealers was taken over by BJ Enterprises and Marketing and named Food Vacuum Sealers Australia. We have moved away from the Unika brand that Munro Direct promoted and now supply Status vacuum sealers from Slovinia and Sico vacuum sealers from Italy. We also supply ZeroPak vacuum sealers who are a New Zealand company. We are second to none when it comes to service and advise so if you have a question regaurding vacuum sealing give us a call. Bryce 0427131007. 

Food vacuum sealers

We supply food vacuum sealers from $99 right up to $2000 plus. The smaller vacuum sealers are domestic quality and designed for home use and light usage. The domestic machines all have single pumps and single seals, however it easy enough to do a second seal if required. Domestic vacuum sealers do have a duty cycle and will require resting to cool the heat strip if you are doing larger quantities of vacuum sealing. Our commercial vacuum sealers all have either a double seal or a triple seal, they also have double pumps and even triple pumps in the bigger commercial vacuum sealers. The stronger pumps are a big advantage if you are using big bags as they will extract the air so much quicker. The double and triple sealing of the commercial vacuum sealers make the more forgiving when doing liquids. All commercial vacuum sealers and some domestic vacuum sealers have liquid traps built in. These do need to be cleaned and dried if liquid enters them. Heat strips on all commercial vacuum sealers either are self-adjusting or have a dial where you can turn the heat up or down. Because of this feature on the commercial vacuum sealers, you are able to use these vacuum sealers continuously.

Food vacuum sealer rolls, Food vacuum sealer bags

Our food vacuum sealer rolls and bags are 80 microns on the smooth side and 100 microns on the dimple side. They are a hard construction so are very strong and can be used in both domestic vacuum sealers as well as commercial vacuum sealers. They are designed for external bag vacuum sealers but can also be used in chamber vacuum sealers and nozzle vacuum sealers. Our vacuum sealer bags and rolls will work with any other brand of domestic vacuum sealer or commercial vacuum sealer. Unfortunately, not all vacuum bags are made equally so if you decide to buy vacuum sealer bags elsewhere and you vacuum sealer starts playing up, it is most probably because of a poor-quality vacuum sealer bag.

Food vacuum sealing canisters

All of our vacuum canister sets (Except the green lid 3 set) come from Status in Slovenia. They are very high quality vacuum canisters and we can provide spare valves for these models if required. They all come with a free hand pump so they do not rely on the vacuum sealer. Food vacuum canisters are great for very liquid foods that are difficult to vacuum seal in a vacuum bag. Vacuum containers are also fantastic for any soft foods that may get crushed when vacuum sealing in a food vacuum sealer bag.