Status Provac 360 Marinator Kit

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 Status Provac 360 Marinator Kit

Status Provac 360 Marinating Kit is used for marinating any meat or vegetables in 18 minutes using the Status Provac 360 Commercial Vacuum Sealer. Changing cycles of vacuuming and releasing open and close the pores of the meat to absorb the marinade much quicker and more efficiently than just soaking the meat in marinade. Connect the container and Status Provac 360 using the included canister tube. Then select the “Marinate” function. In 18 minutes you have fully marinated meat.

Status Provac 360 Marinator Kit combatable with the Status Provac 360 commercial vacuum sealer. It also comes with a second valve so you can use it as a storage vacuum canister and a free hand pump so you can use it without the vacuum sealer

Features of Status Provac 360 Marinator Kit
  • 4 piece set, 2L canister, connecting marinating tube, closed valve for hand pump, hand pump
  • Square shape, inside 18cm W x 18cm L x 7cm H
  • Patented Triton PVA base and Polycarbonate lid
  • BPA Free
  • European quality made in Slovenia
  • Free transit tracking


Food Vacuum Sealers Australia products are also supplied by BJ Enterprises and Marketing in Australia and C & M Marketing in New Zealand

Status Provac 360 Marinator Kit

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