Dry Aging Vacmouse Strips

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Dry Aging Vacmouse Strips

Do you love dry-aged Meat at restaurants? Would you like to make it at home?
Well you can, In your own fridge. With no odour and no mess. 

The unique UMAi Dry® breathable membrane creates a perfect dry-aging environment for the ultimate cut of meat.


The Dry Aging Vacmouse Strips are a pack of 5 stripes. They are essential if useing the dry aging bags with a vacuum sealer. They will aid in the extraction of air but more importantly they will allow for a perfect heat seal on the bag. just place the strip in the final seal area.


Dry Aging Vacmouse Strips are suitable for all our dryaging packs:

  •  UMAi Dry®, Dry Aging Bags Brisket Bone-in 40x70 cm
  •  UMAi Dry®, Dry Aging Bags Ribeye Striploin 30x0 cm
  •  UMAi Dry®, Dry Aging Bags Roast 25x50 cm


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