Dry Aging Bags Sampler

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Dry Aging Bags Sampler

Do you love dry-aged Meat at restaurants? Would you like to make it at home?
Well you can, In your own fridge. With no odour and no mess, with our Dry Aging Bags Sampler.

The unique UMAi Dry® breathable membrane creates a perfect dry-aging environment for the ultimate cut of meat.

Age whole sub-primal cuts of beef in your fridge over 28 to 45 days. 

Then gather friends and family around for the most tender, flavourful meat you’ve ever served. 

Suitable for Ribeye, Sirloin, Brisket, Roasts, Boned out, Bone-in.

Packet includes:

  • 3 UMAi Dry®, Dry Aging Bags Brisket Bone-in 40x70 cm
  • 3 UMAi Dry®, Dry Aging Bags Ribeye Striploin 30x0 cm
  • 3 UMAi Dry®, Dry Aging Bags Roast 25x50 cm
  • 10 UMAi VacMouse® adapter strips for use with your vacuum sealer
  • Dry Aging Time labels to record your start and target end dates
  • UMAi Dry®, Dry Aging Bags Sampler are specialised dry aging bags, they are not a vacuum bag


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