Status FV500 Family Vac

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ZeroPak Family Vac

The Ultimate Vacuum Sealing Kit Includes:
  • ZeroPak FV500 Family Vac vacuum sealer
  • 20cm Roll x 1.5m
  • 28cm Roll x 1.5m
  • 3 Small pre made bags
  • 3 large pre made bags
  • Canister connector hose
  • Cutter
  • User Manual

The ZeroPak FV500 Family Vac vacuum sealer is manufactured in Europe by Status of Slovenia. The FV500 is a household appliance for domestic use vacuum sealing bags and containers. It is intended for users who prefer the ease of use and not vacuuming large amounts of food every day, but still require excellence of stored food.

Key Features:

  • European quality made in Slovenia
  • Vacuum Strength of -0.75 KPA
  • Australia's BEST 2 year warranty
  • Free tracking to your door

This machine is only available in Australia from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia and BJ Enterprises and Marketing

Status FV500 Family Vac Videos

Making a Bag With The FV500

Placeing Food Into The Bag 

Controling Liquids 

European quality

  • The ZeroPak FV500 is intended for users who like simplicity and do not vacuum pack large quantities of food daily, but still demand excellence from their stored foods.
  • We recommend it for smaller households that store vegetables from their home garden and produce smaller quantities of meat, chicken and fish products.
  • The machine is small, so it fits on every kitchen counter. It is a great choice for families living in cities that value quality food and enjoy healthy nutrition throughout the year.
  • The ZeroPak FV500 generates a vacuum pressure of -0.75 KPA.
  • Excellence In Food Storage

Why Choose Us?

  • ZeroPak FV500 Family Vac will give you 2 Years of worry free use, guaranteed! for domestic use
  • European quality made in Slovenia
  • Vacuum Pressure of -0.75KPA and easy to use.


For another option. The HV500 Home Vac

Our products are also suplied by  BJ Enterprises and Marketing in Australia and C & M Marketing in New Zealand


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