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100% Silicone Collapsible Containers

100% Silicone Collapsible Containers

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Collapsible food containers

Collapsible food containers

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What Our Customers Have To Say?

Collapsible food storage containers come in many shapes and sizes and in different qualities. Here we have premium collapsible containers that are 100% silicone and also collapsible containers that are in part silicone and the other part PP. Both options come in several sizes and the 100% silicon collapsible containers have a rectangle or round option.

100% silicone collapsible containers

These are just that, 100% silicone. The body and the lid are silicone so as well as being used for re-heating in the microwave you can also cook in the microwave and in a conventional oven. They will tolerate temperatures up to 200 deg c. This gives you much more flexibility with your collapsible container, however they are a little more expensive.

Collapsible food containers

The traditional collapsible container has a body that is 100% silicone, but they do have a hard rim to give them support and so the lid can clip on, this is food grade PP not silicone. The lid is also food grade PP. These collapsible containers are safe for reheating in a microwave but should not be used for cooking in a microwave or an oven because the high heat required will distort the PP.

What is PP ?

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic “addition polymer” made from the combination of propylene monomers. PP is used in applications that include packaging of consumer products and food storage containers. Polypropylene containers are the safest to use, they don't use harsh chemicals. They are also FDA approved and can be safely used for food storage. They are lightweight and break-resistant too.