stay fresh green bags

What is a stay fresh green bag

Stay Fresh Green Bags

Some times there are other options to vacuum sealing certain foods. Vegetables is one of those. We now know that most vegetables should only be vacuum sealed if they have been blanched or fully cooked first and then frozen, which is great if you buy in bulk and want those vegetables a few moths later. But what if you just want to keep them fresh for a week or so longer and still have a fresh vegetable.

The stay fresh green bags do just that. So, all you do is dry off your fruit or vegetable and then place it in the stay fresh green bag, fold the top over and place it in the fridge. Do not tie it because you still need to let your vegetable breathe a little bit. The stay fresh green bag then absorbs the gases that the fruit or vegetable gives off so it is not in the bag with the vegetable causing it to spoil. Your fruit and vegetables will stay fresh 3 – 4 times longer stored in the fridge, in a stay fresh green bag.

How stay fresh green bags work.

The stay fresh green bag is produced with a natural product included called Oya. It is the Oya that has absorption qualities that take on the gases given off fresh fruit and vegetables. The stay fresh green bags are reusable so rinse them out and dry them then use them again. Eventually they will have absorbed as much as they can and they will need to be replaced. You can get up to 10 uses out of each bag.

What is Oya

Oya is from the Zeolite family. It is on the stay fresh produce bag. This mineral was discovered in caves in Japan. These caves were used by the Japanese centuries ago and still today, to store their crops in as they found that the produce lasted so much longer stored in the caves.

What other bags keep food fresh like this.

Since the development of the Stay fresh produce bags, 3 other types have been developed which have also become very popular. The Cheese bag, Cold cut bag and Bread bag. The bread bag works just like the stay fresh bag where you don’t tie the top up and is used on only bread, loafs and rolls. The cheese bag and cold cut bag are both a zip lock bag. These are used for any of your hard cheeses and cold cuts of deli meat.


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